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Rail Atlas Germany

Your guidepost for the german rail network.

288 pages, maps throughout in colour, scale 1:300,000, numerous enlargements 1:100,000 or 1:50,000, station index, index of railway companies, size 23,5 x 27,5 cm, hardcover

€ 44,00

ISBN 978-3-89494-140-6

  • new revised 8th edition published october 2011
  • editorial deadline september 2011
  • current German rail network and abandoned lines
  • lines of state railways, regional railways, metro lines, tramways, cableways
  • railway maps in scale 1:300,000
  • numerous larger scale insets 1:50,000 or 1:100,000
  • new: railway maps of continental Europe 1:4,000,000
  • columns with additional detailed information to each map
  • special railway theme maps: line category, train protection, intermodal freight code, diesel stations, workshops, motive power depot, container terminals, rolling highway, marshalling yards, seaports
  • official timetable numbers, working timetable numbers
  • index of railway stations
  • index of railway companies
  • key in German and English

The definitive guide to Germany’s railways in full colour to 1:300000 scale. Extremely comprehensive. Today’s Railways

Downscaled example of map 1:300,000

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